Things to Consider When Choosing Watch Winders

double automatic watch winder is available a lot in the market. So, some of you find it overwhelming and confusing to choose the best one for you. So, here are things you must consider when choosing a quality double automatic watch winder.

Rotation Direction and TPD

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a double automatic watch winder is the direction of rotation and TPD or Turns Per Day. Make sure the rotating case is able to maintain the watch’s power reserve, whatever the caliber they are equipped with. This means that the winding motor is capable of clockwise, counterclockwise, and bidirectional directions. This also means that you can set up the number of TPD with precision. Remember that each movement requires a precise number of TPDs.

Periods of Latency

The function of watch winders is to maintain an automatic watch’s power reserve. It also makes sure that it does not prematurely exhaust the automatic mechanism of the watch. Many manufacturers of automatic watches suggest maintaining regular periods of latency in the revolution cycles. These latency periods simulate the watch’s natural period of rest when you wear it, such as when you are doing sports or at night, and others.

Watch winders need to make revolutions until the automatic watch is completely rewound. Then, it needs to stop the revolutions for several hours, leaving the chronograph on the watch’s power reserve before it continues the revolutions.

Size of the Strap

A quality automatic watch winder must have a flexible holder for the sake of your comfort and optimal timekeeping in the revolution cycles. It will be better if you pick the one that offers a wide variety of sizes. So that it can easily adapt to all sizes of watch straps.

Those are the things that you must consider when choosing a double automatic watch winder.

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